Saturday, October 16, 2010

A programming note.

I pretty much drank most of my calories this past summer in the form of white wine.  I did little cooking.  I've decided to change my eating habits in attempt to eat low fat, low'ish calorie food, while avoiding (un)complex carbohydrates.  This is my almost 31-year-old lifelong battle of the belly bulge.  Some of you might think I'm speaking crazy-talk (as we like to politely point out to each other), but I'm an apple; I've got skinny legs, a tiny butt, yet pack all my excess calories in my belly. 

In the future, my posts may look less delicious and a good amount more boring.  However, in effort to keep up MadebyMariko, I'm going to attempt to share my cooking journey in it's weight loss phase.  I hope you stick around. 

The above recipe is from the October 2010 issue of Bon Appetit in their Fast and Fresh section.  The step-by-step recipe can be found here.  The recipe is called "Beef, Shiitake, and Snow Pea Stir-Fry."

I cooked the veg separately from the lean beef (because I wanted to ensure a medium rare of the beef to avoid overcooking and thus tasting dry from the lack of fat in the beef...).  I added broccoli rabe to the recipe for low-calorie, uber-healthy filler.  Hoisin, srichacha, fresh ginger, soy, and small amount of sesame oil flavoured this dish without a lot of fat.


  1. hun- there are plenty o' carb free delights you can now indulge-to-fight -the-bulge, in.

    as an avid crash south beach dieter, literally and literarily, i look forward to your posts and recipes!

    i have grown to love turkey bacon (organic) and spinach omelettes and almond milk up the wazoo- and everything i ever ate on crackers, on cucumbers instead. have you tried spinach, raspberry, flax seed andalmond milk smoothies? YUM.

    psyched. down with carbs!


  2. am stuck to you like glue dollface.

    all round good healthy eats are a recipe for living and loving well past what many wld consider a "good life." can't wait for your new recipes. i think that if we treat our bodies like the temple it was meant to be then things will be good. a little simplistic yes, but i don't believe that one shld ever feel "punished" into eating well. some days are good, some not so good, but u always gotto pick yourself up, even if it's to eat 1 or 2 meals that don't compromise your waistline.

    on carbs, well, not all of 'em are bad. i notice that u are using whole grain products and that's totally necessary to um, pass the poop. fiber is essential. the weight thing is a lifestyle thing. there are no quick fixes, just quick results. congrats on your progress to date! i’m inspired!